The Wilfred Owen Story

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The Wilfred Owen Story's Statement Of Purpose/Mission:-

The Wilfred Owen Story exists to preserve and promote understanding of the ideas underlying the meaning and commemoration of Wilfred Owen's poems and their relevance to the modern world, for the enlightenment and benefit of all, through our developing collections and public programmes.

The Wilfred Owen Story Strategic Aims:-

1.      To be a leading authority on the formative years and development of Wilfred Owen in Birkenhead.
2.      To develop and look after the Collection.
3.      To ensure The Wilfred Owen Story is sustainable and thrives.
4.      To consult and involve the local community in the future of the Wilfred Owen Story.
5.      To interpret the story of Wilfred Owen in an engaging and accessible way.
6.      To provide a rich and diverse annual public programme.
7.      To make The Wilfred Owen Story a Destination brand, regionally, nationally and internationally.
8.      To promote The Wilfred Owen Story as a centre of learning.
9.      To provide a safe working environment for staff and volunteers and ensure their professional development.
10.  To promote a fuller understanding of the Wilfred Owen Story and Birkenhead's place within it.

We are a non-profit-making organisation. We receive no funding or grants at the moment, so are dependent on donations, however small. These will go a long way towards helping us move forward in these early days. To make a donation, please use the button below.